Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nicholas Cage: Bad Actor or THE WORST Actor? HOW IS HE CONTINUALLY HIRED?

Honestly, trimming down bad acting moments throughout Nic Cage's career may just be one of the hardest jobs in editing; simply because of the fact that he continually stars in some of the worst movies to be created since the inception of film.

 I dear you, no..I IMPLORE you to tell me of a well-made nick-the-dick movie; one that has surfaced as of late.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Brossiah 2 - Frost Mage RMP. For all of you WoW fiends; here is my friend's latest 3v3 video!

Brossiah II

This video is strictly 3v3 arena from the mage's pov running disc priest/mut rogue/frost mage rmp on the stormstrike BG. Due to the joke that is currently the disc spec, not many videos have been put out showcasing this comp so I thought I would put one out showing that this set up is still viable even if it is a shade of what it once was.

As for the video itself, don't expect too much editing (although there is some), and i apologize for a bug of some sort which will cause the video to flicker for about 5 seconds half way through (fortunately, you won't miss anything).

Play list:
Insomnium- Mortal Share
Eluveitie- Bloodstained Ground
Disarmonia Mundi- Stepchild of Laceration
Soilwork- Distortion Sleep
Dark Tranquillity- Surface the Infinite
In Flames- Pacing Death's Trail

+rep for Novadex!

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Legacy

Kobe; the greatest of all time?

The rings speak for themselves.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nujabes Dead - Age 36. Almost one year since his passing, an ode to his genius.

Jun Seba: Nujabes, renowned, coveted, loved for his jazz-infused, sophisticated take on hip hop beats; a melancholy, nostalgic undertone to his music has proven influential in the furthering of an underground hip-hop movement. He has been the driving force powering some of the most beautiful music emerging from today's underground.

A sampling of greatness:

An Introductory Statement!

Hello - welcome to my world of blogs, etc, etc!

This blog shall cover the whole of my interests - be sure to check in multiple times per week, as I will be providing regular updates.