Saturday, January 15, 2011

Brossiah 2 - Frost Mage RMP. For all of you WoW fiends; here is my friend's latest 3v3 video!

Brossiah II

This video is strictly 3v3 arena from the mage's pov running disc priest/mut rogue/frost mage rmp on the stormstrike BG. Due to the joke that is currently the disc spec, not many videos have been put out showcasing this comp so I thought I would put one out showing that this set up is still viable even if it is a shade of what it once was.

As for the video itself, don't expect too much editing (although there is some), and i apologize for a bug of some sort which will cause the video to flicker for about 5 seconds half way through (fortunately, you won't miss anything).

Play list:
Insomnium- Mortal Share
Eluveitie- Bloodstained Ground
Disarmonia Mundi- Stepchild of Laceration
Soilwork- Distortion Sleep
Dark Tranquillity- Surface the Infinite
In Flames- Pacing Death's Trail

+rep for Novadex!


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