Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Genghis Khan - The Inquisitor of Carnage; more to come!

Genghis Khan
c. 1160 – 1227
The Inquisitor of Carnage
“It is not sufficient that I succeed; all others must fail.”
*Founder of the most over-arching, contiguous land-empire*
 Genghis Khan: A name that shall forever echo in eternity; existential reverberation, prominence. A reign spanning twenty-five years; unparallel infamy, not even that of the romans was so inequitable, so omnipotent; an unbridled wrath enveloped him holistically. Temujin’s unbridled wrath eternally altered the core-lineage of centralized Asia.  The reformation of Mongolia’s traditionalized laws, as well as the revolutionization of the internal social structure was due to Genghis Khan.  


  1. Great little tid bit of info! Its not about winning, its about everyone else failing!

  2. he was deff awesome, too bad his people were stupid as hell
    Book of Shadows

  3. I often wonder what it would like to be born back then... Born a warrior or of some royalty though. If you weren't born into some "status" the quality of life probably sucked.